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4 Benefits Of Buying Layflat Hose Couplers

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If you use layflat hoses to deliver water on some of your construction jobs, then you should invest in some couplers. These devices connect these hoses together. What are the benefits of having some couplers in your equipment store?

1. Build Customized Hose Lengths

You can't always predict how long a layflat hose you will need on a job. If your hoses aren't long enough to reach across a site, then you can't use them as a water supply. They won't run to the right places.

If you have some couplers, then you can customize your hose length whenever you need to. You can use one coupler to connect two hoses to create a combined length.

You can even use multiple couplers to connect multiple hoses if you need them to have an extended reach. If you buy couplers with a range of sizing connections, you can also connect different sizes and brands of hoses into one unit.

You won't have any water supply problems. You can always configure your hoses to meet your site needs.

2. Reduce Your Hose Costs

If you use different lengths of hoses on different jobs, then you could end up buying a lot of products. You might want to have access to as many options as you can.

The more hoses you buy, the more money you spend. If you use couplers, then you can buy a few standard lengths of hose and some couplers. You can fit them together according to a site's needs. You won't have to buy as many hoses. Couplers are cheaper, so they won't increase your costs too much.

3. Reduce Your Storage Needs

If you buy a lot of different hoses, then you have to find storage space for them. Even though layflat hoses take up less space than regular products, longer hoses do need more room. To keep your hoses in good shape, you should store them in a covered or indoor environment. You might not have much suitable space available.

If you buy a few hoses and some couplers, then you reduce your storage needs. You'll have fewer hoses to store, and couplers don't take up much space.

4. Get Fast Repair Options

If a layflat hose gets damaged, then it won't do its job. You might have to throw it out and replace it.

However, if you buy couplers, then you might be able to make an effective repair. You can cut out the damaged part of the hose and attach a coupler to it. You can then continue to use it.

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