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Upgrading Your Facility With A Pallet Wrapping Turntable

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Wrapping your pallets is an option for securing the materials that are on them so that they will not be at risk of falling or shifting positions when the pallet is being moved. To help with wrapping these pallets, there are turntable systems that your business can purchase.

Turntable Wrapping Equipment Can Enhance Worker Productivity 

A turntable wrapping system can allow your employees to be far more productive as they will be able to spend far less time manually wrapping and securing items on the pallets. These turntable systems can automatically spin so that the pallet will be fully wrapped in a matter of seconds. In addition to enhancing the productivity of your workers, these systems may also reduce the risk of an injury occurring due to the repetitive motions and heavy lifting that wrapping a pallet manually could require. For a business that needs to do a large volume of pallet wrapping, purchasing these devices can be a valuable improvement to make to the facility.

A Turntable Wrapping System May Support A Range Of Pallet Sizes

There are many businesses and other facilities that will have to wrap pallets that may cover a range of sizes. Many of these systems will have an expandable table that can be used to ensure that the platform is capable of supporting many of the more common pallet sizes. To make sure that you are choosing the appropriate one for your needs, any of the pallets that you will regularly be using should be measured. Otherwise, you may find that you have purchased a turntable wrapping system that is not capable of effectively supporting particularly large or small pallets. The weight of these pallets should also be considered before buying a turntable wrapping system. Otherwise, you could inadvertently damage the turntable by placing a pallet on it that is excessively heavy.

Employees Should Be Thoroughly Trained On Any Turntable Pallet Wrapping System You Choose

Whenever you add new equipment to your facility, it is critical to spend time thoroughly training your workers to make sure that they will be able to safely and effectively operate the new systems. In this regard, a turntable pallet system is no different. While these systems may appear to be very simple and easy to use, they can be surprisingly complicated. Furthermore, workers will need to be trained in the best practices for being able to safely use the turntable wrapping system. An example of this could be the importance of avoiding getting near the system while wearing loose-fitting clothing or other items that could get tangled in the system when it is being used.

Now that you know more about this product, you can determine if your facility can benefit from buying turntable wrapping equipment