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Pay Attention To Pilot Cars

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When moving a large load, a semi or a flatbed truck is going to need to alert the other drivers on the road. This is so they can be aware of what is ahead and be very careful. Not only is this practice something that keeps other drivers alert, it is actually the law.

In many instances, the load can be very big and require other cars to pull off the road. One of the most important aspects of this process is alerting other drivers. This is done through the use of a pilot car, sometimes called an escort car. These cars are the way that other drivers are alerted, so it is a very important job. Here are a couple things you need to remember when you see a pilot car. 

Follow the Trained Driver's Lead

It is important to remember when you see a pilot car, like those from Veteran Pilot, that these are trained drivers and they are letting you know that there is an oversized load to come. The training that these drivers have to go through teach them how to get other drivers' attention and alert them of the possible danger ahead. Do not be the driver that is not careful around the pilot car and dismisses the warning of the oversized load. These trained drivers are there for a reason, and you do not want to be the one to disregard a safety message. 

Know The Look of Pilot Cars

If you are driving and you see flashing orange lights then your attention should immediately go to that car. You will know that it is not the police because you will not see any red or blue lights. The flashing orange light is getting your attention, and then the big yellow sign that says "oversized load" will be the way you know you are going to encounter an oversized load. Remember that the pilot car does not necessarily need to be a specific type of car. They can be any make or model of car, but they will have the lights and the signs to let you know they are a pilot car. Another small thing to look for on a pilot car are the orange mesh flags that catch your eye. These trucks that follow the pilot car can take up many lanes of traffic and so it is best to just pull off the road. Watch for these flashing orange lights and get over to be safe.